At All American Log Home, we believe that most log homes should be chinked or caulked given the number of factors that are important for the continued durability of the log structures in common use. We use only the best synthetic chink available. Chinking is Chinking300often time consuming and must be applied very neatly. An experienced chinker will do the work so that your home looks its best. Correct intallation is a must for long term durability.

The most common chinked wood stucture, the hand hewn log home, is the most heavily chinked. Originally, they were chinked with mortar, but today synthetic chinking is more desirable because of its elasticity. With seasonal expansion and contraction, synthetic chinking accommodates the movement without cracking. Synthetic chinking can be applied directly over old, existing mortar as long as the old joints are not seriously compromised.

The Scandavian log house and other round log structures should be chinked to eliminate bug infiltration and to seal out unwanted drafts. The correct specialist can apply proper application with the correct tool making certain the chink or caulk adheres to the logs properly. Typically, if the lines are less than 3/4″ you should use caulk and if the lines are more than 3/4″ you should use chink.